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Welcome to Kandra's Beads

My store is only on-line now I have no store front, you can call to make an appointment if you want to see my beads!

If you live in this area or you will be visiting please call and I will meet you at my studio.  805-441-5127



Hi Everyone,

Lots of new beads being added to the website, More to come!

New 2mm Chinese Crystal Rondelles, 6mm Chinese Crystal Rondelles and 8mm Chinese Crystal Rondelles

Adding new beads, 2-Hole Rulla 3x5mm, Drops 3.4mm, 10/0 Triangles rounded edges I love using these for bead crochet, Long Drops 3x5mm, Aiko Beads 11/0, Magatamas 4mm, 8/0 Seed Beads, Flat Squares 6mm I use these beads in my Flat Face Designs, Lentils 6mm I love using these beads in my bead crochet.

More new beads Spiky Button, Tear Drops 4x6mm, Pips 5x7mm, O-Beads, Rose Petals 8x7mm I use all of these beads in my bead crochet necklaces, they work up beautiful.

Love, Kandra