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Welcome to Kandra's Beads

My beads are inside of "Yarn and Beads" the end of Grand Avenue by the Beach.

Julia now has a website www.yarnandbeads.com check it out to see what is going on in the yarn world.



Hi Everyone,


New colors of Magatama 3mm, and I've started adding Aiko Beads, they are a dream to bead with!

Just received my new colors in Flower Cup Beads 7x5mm and my new Peanut Beads 2x4mm.  I also received 29 new colors in Magatama 3mm beads, plus Round Glass Beads 2mm and more colors in Fire Polish 2mm, the smaller the better!  I will try to get them on my website in a few days.

Just added new Delica sizes 15/0 and 8/0, just a few to start but I will be adding more.  I've also added Swarovski Chessboard #2493 in 12mm.                          

I have finally added some of my Kandra's Personal Stash!  So far Natural Stone Cabs, pendants and beads.  Have fun looking!

Just added 2-Hole Honeycomb 6mm beads the colors are beautiful!

More beautiful Daggers 5x16mm with Laser Wing Pattern, they are beautiful! Six different color ways to start.  I've also added some new Delicas, Magatamas 4mm and Carrier Beads, have fun shopping!

Just received some beautiful Daggers 5x16mm, Nautilus 17x14mm beads, Button Flowers, Faceted Drop-Top Cut 8x6mm and Tear Drops 9x6mm.  Have fun looking at all of the new beads and more to come.

I am in the shop on Wednesdays if you need help with a beading project, call ahead to make an appointment.

Thank you, Kandra